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Our real estate law office can assist you and your community with a vast array of residential and commercial issues, whether you are a builder, investor, developer, lender, buyer, owner, or tenant seeking affordable representation and clear advice regarding a property.

Take a look at how we can help you with matters such as:

Code Enforcement Issues
Code enforcement is designed to insure that your property falls within the standards set for your community. If the city is levying fines on your property, our real estate law group is here to help with your next course of action.

Property/Fence Line Disputes
Arguments over whose property is whose or other problematic situations that can flare up between you and your neighbors are some of the most common occurrences in which real estate law comes into play. Make sure you know your rights and obligations.

Clear Title/Ownership Problems
Our real estate law practice deals with title issues, such as those that occur when one party initially places his or her name on the title with the promise of later adding another party's name, but then never fulfills his promise. Are you in this situation? Call us and find out what to do.

Foreclosures for Owners
Among other services, our real estate law office also conducts foreclosures for owners in situations when owners finance the home, but the new buyer doesn't make monthly payments.

Evictions for Owners
There are detailed rules you must follow if you need to pursue evicting a tenant. Let our real estate law group simplify, streamline, and speed up this delicate process for you.

Other Real Estate Law Basics
We're ready to prepare both residential and commercial lease agreements and will guide you in lease negotiations as well as offer you real estate law education related to unlawful detainers and unlawful detainer defense.

If you're looking for a solution to real estate-related conflicts, we're here to help!

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