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If you live in a neighborhood within the Hemet or San Jacinto Valley, chances are you live within the Homeowners Association for that area. While the idea of an association can be beneficial, it can also create problems and discord among neighbors. The leader of the association can assume too much power and begin making regulations that are unnecessary and burdensome to those in the neighborhood. On the other hand, there can be neighbors that refuse to comply. When you are in charge of an HOA, you may need to hire a legal company to support you in the decisions you are forced to make, such as fining a resident for a violation.

An HOA is a valuable part of the community for many reasons yet there are some people who choose to violate the rules and regulations. Before moving in, they have to agree to the regulations as established by the association so they cannot legally refute them. When they do refuse to comply, you may need the assistance of a legal firm. Hemet Legal is available to help you manage the residents within the neighborhood.

When establishing one, it is important to pick and choose regulations that will be the most important and beneficial to those in the association. Here are some of the issues that Hemet Legal can help you with:

  • Age Restrictions (55+)
  • Annual Reports
  • Voting Procedures
  • Rule Changes
  • Meeting Requirements
  • Pets
  • Architectural Review
  • Flags and Antennas
  • Common Areas
  • Assessments
  • Membership Requirements
  • Inspecting Books and Records
  • Seller Disclosures
  • Resolving Disputes

While this list is not exhaustive to how Hemet Legal can assist your HOA, it does give you an idea of the issues that could come up within your association. Many homeowners realize the benefits of a Homeowners Association and they are happy to pay the money and attend regular meetings in order to keep their neighborhood running smoothly. The HOA is responsible for many of the positive aspects and features that can be found within a community, so they need the monetary support and cooperation of all the residents. When one resident decides to go against the rules and regulations, problems can arise. They can ask others to join in their cause against the association and more problems will arise.

If you are in the middle of an HOA dispute or have an association that needs some legal help or backing, consider using Hemet Legal. They are able to guide you through the correct documentation that will allow you to notify residents of violations and how to remedy the problems. They will help you with legal wording so the violation will stand in court. The HOA needs to use the correct documentation and record keeping in order to comply with the law on their end. A legal representative is necessary to draft the papers and ensure they are being used in their correct capacity. Hemet Legal is here to help you with your HOA needs.

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