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The world of litigation encompasses many areas of life. There is a difference between what is considered civil and criminal. Criminal law involves a case being handled by the state, federal, or local government against the other party for the violation. An example of a civil litigation case would be when a contractor fails to complete a job or performs poor work. It has cost you money, damaged your home, and you now have to pay another contractor to have the job done correctly. The money, time, and stress this has cost you will be considered the damages that you are now owed.

The parties in a General Civil Litigation Trial will be seeking for monetary compensation for their loss. The presenting party, the plaintiff, is responsible for bringing the case to the courts and filing the complaint. The other party, the defendant, has the ability to dispute the claims and present their own version of the events. The process can last several weeks to even years. It can be difficult to prove the damages and that is where most cases will fall flat. Don't let your case be stalled or dismissed for a lack of evidence.

The investigation and discovery phase of a civil trial is vital to the success of your case. Without the correct information to support your allegations, you will not be able to prove your side of the situation. With the help of a qualified attorney, you can gather the necessary evidence to prove your case. A court wants to see the facts and your attorney will be the one to guide you through the fact finding and presenting process. The main job of your attorney in this initial process is to decide what will support your case and how to organize it to your advantage. Without the proper documentation, a court will not be able to properly determine the damages.

Some of the most common types of cases brought to court through civil litigation are:

  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Demand Letters
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcy
  • Harassment
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workers Compensation
  • Products Liability

    ...and more!

If you feel as though you have been damaged by another person or company, you do not have to suffer through the repercussions. You should be able to prove the damage has hurt you personally or has hurt your company.

The purpose of a civil litigation case is to restore your person or your life to the way it was before the other party entered your life. From the time you began to experience loss to your person, property, or reputation is the starting point for you to prove the loss. When you sit down with a General Civil Litigation lawyer, you should be prepared to share the details of your life before the damage occurred and then how life is now that this has begun. At Hemet Legal, we can help you with the process and even give you the necessary advice on what to present and how to ensure your case is understood.

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